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Crude Palm Oil - CPO

International Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Oil Sales

What is
Crude Palm Oil?

Crude palm oil is the unrefined and unprocessed palm oil that is how it is found in the palm oil kernel when first extracted.

Crude palm oil, or CPO, is an oil that when first extracted from the palm nut kernel, is in its "crude" form, and must undergo further processing and refining to become "refined palm oil."

Palm Oil is one of the few natural oils to have a significant amount of "saturated fats" when compared to other vegetable oils such as olive oil and other vegetable oils, which are high in unsaturated fat. Crude Palm Oil, when extracted/expressed from the palm nut kernel, contains more natural Tocotrienols (vitamin e) than any other fruit or vegetable.

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Standard Specifications

Free Fatty Acid (FFA) as Palmatic Acid: 5% Maximum
Moisture & Impurities: 0.25% Maximum
Iodine Value: 50 - 56 Minimum
Melting Point: 36 - 50 deg. Maximum
DOBI Test: 2.31 Minimum 
Cloud point: 3.5R 3.5Y

Crude Palm Oil

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What is Refined Palm Oil?

Before (refined) palm oil is bought by consumers at grocery stores, it is in it's "crude palm oil" (CPO) state which has a number of impurities that must be removed before being edible.

As with all crude vegetable oil, crude palm oil has non-glyceride components including trace metals, kernel shell pieces and oxidation products. The refining and purification process of crude palm oil removes these impurities after which time it is referred to as "refined palm oil" and ready for sale.


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Crude Palm Oil

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